Dive in Paradise

Octopus Staff

Nuria Corraliza

Nuria, Owner of Octopus Dive SchoolNuria is from Spain. She first discovered the underwater world in 1999, when she began her open water course in Utila. She loved it so much that two years later, after becoming a fully qualified Divemaster, she left for Egypt to start life as an instructor in the Red Sea. Since then, she has taken the scenic route back to the Bay Islands, stopping to teach in Mexico, Kenya, The Canary Islands, Utila again, and then, finally, here in Roatan, where she realized a personal dream and opened up her very own dive school.

Since opening in 2005, Octopus Dive School has consistently been delivering quality and personal attention to everyone who passes through. Octopus Dive School is Nuria’s life and her dream, and she invites you to share in it.

Velvet Teos

Velvet Teos, Main Instructor at the Octopus Dive SchoolVelvet is from Guatemala and has been diving for over 15 years. She got certified as Open Water Diver in 1999 on Utila, Honduras, and immediately fell in love with diving. She is an Octopus alumna where she received her Rescue and Dive Master certification in 2006). She has been an Instructor since 2007, when she started working at Octopus.

Looking for new waters, she packed up her diving gear in 2008 and taught and managed dive centers in Nicaragua, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Cambodia. In 2015 she returned to Octopus as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor, ready to train divers in all levels of PADI courses with enthusiasm, passion, and a bit of Central American flavor in this paradise we call home.

Velvet believes that the first step in environmental awareness is education, which is why she loves teaching to dive.

Alberto Martinez Marti

Alberto Martinez Marti, Instructor at the Octopus Dive SchoolAlberto was born by the Spanish Mediterranean sea, but fell in love with the pristine waters of the Caribbean. His background as oceanographer gave him the opportunity to increase his knowledge of the marine environment. After working as a Marine Scientist for several years, he decided to jump into the professional side of scuba diving. At Octopus, he has found the ideal scenario for developing his underwater passion.

Virna Cuter

Virna Cuter, Instructor at the Octopus Dive SchoolVirna is from Italy. Her life changed when she discovered the amazing underwater world in Roatan, as she become an Open Water diver in 2012. A little while after that, she decides to turn her passion into her job, and she become a qualified Divemaster. Since she started working for Octopus, she has become an Open Water Dive Instructor in 2016. She absolutely love her life and is so enthusiastic to share her passion with you all.

Eva Bijvoet

Eva Bijvoet, Instructor at the Octopus Dive SchoolEva is from The Netherlands and got certified as a diving instructor in 2005. She arrived on Roatan in 2006, and had never planned to stay this long, but, in her own words “I guess I got stuck here. Maybe because the diving is great, the water is warm, blue, and clear, and the island is full of great people! I am definitely staying, so I will see you at Octopus!”

Will, “El Capi”

Octopus' Captain
Meet Octopus Dive School’s Captain, Will. He is the best captain, certified as a Rescue Diver, and a great person. He is always ready to help with a smile and will make sure you feel at home on our boat “Symbiotic”.