Meet the team at Octopus Dive School

Our awesome team of professional, fun, friendly staff love living and diving on Roatan. We hope you can come join us on our island paradise soon. We look forward to diving with you! 

NURIA - Owner of Octopus Dive School and PADI dive instructor

Nuria is from Spain. She first tried diving in 1999 in Utila. She loved it so much that two years later, she became a Divemaster, then left for Egypt to start working as a dive instructor in the Red Sea. Since then, she took the scenic route back to the Bay Islands, stopping to teach in Mexico, Kenya, The Canary Islands, then Utila again. Finally, she made it back here to Roatan, where she realized a personal dream and opened up her very own dive school.

dive and stay roatan
"Everyone that we interacted with from Octopus was extremely knowledgeable and professional and you can tell Nuria, takes the quality of her business very seriously."


“Octopus Dive School is my life! Since opening in 2005, we have consistently been delivering quality service and personal attention to everyone comes diving with us. I’m living my dream life here on Roatan and I would love you to visit and share it with me.” 

Nuria works hard to make sure everyone has a great time at Octopus Dive School. Find out why diving in Roatan is so much fun when you go….

VIRNA - Octopus Dive School's manager and PADI dive instructor

Virna is from Italy. Her life changed when she discovered the amazing underwater world in Roatan in 2012. Soon after, she decided to turn her passion into her job and became a professional diver! She started working for Octopus as PADI dive instructor in 2016 and though she is still teaching on a regular basis, she now also manages our dive shop on Roatan island. Virna keeps everything running smoothly at Octopus and she always has a big grin on her face, especially when she’s just seen something really cool underwater. She’s been lucky enough to spot two hammerhead sharks just recently!

"Virna is a saint. Teaching a family of five... Patience and perseverance does not even come close to describing her abilities."


“I just get such a thrill from seeing the look on peoples’ faces on their first dive, when they realize how beautiful it is down there!”

virna diving roatan

Virna and the rest of our team love introducing newbies to the underwater water in Roatan. If you are interested in learning to dive check out our…

Patricia - PADI open water scuba instructor

Patricia is from Santander, Spain, a place where rivers, sea, and mountains meet. She never dived before until she did a Discover Scuba Diving during her holidays in the Red Sea, Egypt 2002, and right away, it became her passion. In 2006, while in Malta, she finally had the opportunity to study up to Rescue Level on her journey to becoming an instructor. Patricia has also studied anthropology and psychology and worked in various NGOs around the world. She finally accomplished her dream of becoming a PADI Instructor in Roatan, 2018, with the specialties of wreck, naturalist, deep and nitrox.

"We took our two boys to Roatan to finish their Open Water course. The crew at Octopus was a perfect fit! They were knowledgeable and entertaining which created a fun and safe experience for everyone."


“I love to travel, I love the sea, I love to be surrounded by nature, so every time I dive, all come together for me. Time stops, cell phones and daily worries do not have space underwater, I feel part of nature, an amazing, estrange and beautiful nature, where I can float effortless, defeating gravity, moving in every direction, up, diagonal, upside down. We live in an amazing world, and the one underwater is definitely a place to discover, and it is just a step away!”

ADAM - PADI dive instructor, underwater photographer and equipment technician

Adam started out diving around Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  After amassing more than 750 cold-water dives and his Divemaster certification, Adam continued his diving education with TDI and GUE before coming to Roatan to find work as a Divemaster. After relocating to Roatan in 2010, Adam further continued his diving education and earned PADI MSDT and SSI Divemaster Instructor qualifications. As a passionate underwater photographer, Adam works as a freelance underwater photographer as well as teaches advanced photography and buoyancy workshops. Adam holds several SCUBA equipment servicing certifications and has been servicing equipment for many dive centres on Roatan for a number of years.
roatan dive instructors
“I can’t say enough good things about my experience getting my reg serviced! It is breathing better than ever, and Adam made sure I was totally satisfied with how it was working! Very highly recommended.”

Adam is eager to share his Advanced Underwater Photography Workshop with you. Want to learn this or any other special skills?

ANDREA - Office administrator and receptionist

Andrea was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. When she moved to Roatan island over 5 years ago, she initially worked with the local municipality. Then in 2014, she discovered scuba diving and it changed her life forever. Andrea is probably the first smiling face you will see when you get to our dive center in Roatan. She is great at keep everything organized and loves to chat with our divers about anything and everything.

"The entire team did everything possible to accommodate us and make us feel welcome. I'd recommend them for just about any type of diver or group."
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“I love how peaceful it is, the colors, the underwater life and the sound of the bubbles, it’s so relaxing. I really enjoy seeing the bigger stuff underwater; like octopus, turtles and eagle rays. My favorite dives involve drifting with the current and I like going diving on Roatan’s deep wall dive sites and wrecks.”

There are so many great dive sites on Roatan, Andrea likes the deep dive sites and our sunken ship wrecks. How about about you? Learn more about the…

QUINN - Our experienced local captain

Quinn “el Capi” was born and raised right here on the island of Roatan. He has worked as both a dive boat and deep sea fishing  boat captain as long as he can remember. So he knows these water extremely well. He comes from a long line of local fishermen who trawl the deep waters miles off Roatan’s coast looking for tuna and wahoo. When he’s not out on the water at Octopus, he’s usually out on his own boat or spending quality time with his little three year old son.

sucba diving roatan captain
"Captain Quinn was in charge of the Symbiotic on all of our dive trips at Octopus Dive School. He was always very helpful on the dive boat and he is an all around great guy."


“I just absolutely love being out on the ocean all day, listening to the sound of it, watching the birds, feeling like I am part of nature. Roatan is such a beautiful place to be and to call my home. I really like all the interesting people I get to meet from all over the world working with Octopus Dive School. We always laugh together a lot on the boat.”

Roatan really is a tropical paradise. Learn more about why the diving is so amazing….

We look forward to welcoming you to one of the most experienced dive shops on Roatan.